The Entrepreneurship, Technology and Economic Strategy Lab (ETOS) is attached to the Department of Economics and is housed in the main building of the University of Piraeus.

ETOS aims to set the foundations for the cultivation and diffusion of entrepreneurial, technological and strategic knowledge in the academic society. Its overarching goal is to conjoin theory and practice through three pillars of activity:


ETOS develops various practice-based research projects in collaboration with other institutions, business partners, and members of a fast growing network of innovative associates from Greece and abroad. Professors, researchers, and students work together on applied knowledge with a focus on current issues faced by small and medium sized enterprises, entrepreneurship, technology producers and economic strategy makers. 


Through the organization of conferences, workshops and seminars, ETOS aspires to keep its audience updated on recent entrepreneurial, technological and economic strategy news. For this purpose, Greek and foreign researchers as well as business leaders and public officers are invited to give lectures on key issues of interest. Further, ETOS offers educational and informative material in printed and electronic form, which can be easily accessed through ETOS’ workshops and website.


ETOS’ encourages students and members of the academic community to participate in the real business world through hand-on experiences. The students alongside the academic staff and a large pool of diverse business partners provide counseling, mentoring and coaching to individuals, who lack the entrepreneurial knowledge and wish to launch and scale their business ideas, to enhance their business and economic strategy, as well as to stimulate technology solutions. This is a unique learning experience for students who have the chance to apply their knowledge and practice in real-life situations. Further, ETOS offers assistance to students who would like to conduct academic research and assignments on topics of entrepreneurship and current issues in technology and economic strategy.

Students, academicians and individuals are all welcome to join ETOS’ community and participate in an exclusive journey to the land of entrepreneurship, technology and economic strategy.