Entrepreneurship and its economic aspect is one of the most dynamic and evolving fields of economic sciences. Globalization, liberalization of markets, the emerging economies, and the rapid improvement of informatics and technology are the key factors that led to the direct link of entrepreneurship with the competitive advantage of countries.

However, entrepreneurship performance of Greece lags behind other EU countries due to a number of reasons. The most important include the entrepreneurial environment, the sectoral dimension of business performance, the size and the legal form of Greek enterprises, and the fear of risk-taking, especially in relation to the internalization aspect of startups and small and medium sized enterprises.

ETOSLab offers an opportunity for students, researchers and nascent entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into a real business, utilizing the expertise of our staff and partners from the real market. In collaboration with our partners, through workshops, seminars, idea competitions, simulation games, and other activities we provide a platform for leveraging new solutions to old entrepreneurship problems.

Further, we provide counseling and entrepreneurship training to small and medium sized innovative enterprises helping them to scale up and cope with internationalization.