Smart people learn from their mistakes. Brilliant people learn from other’s mistakes. We strongly advise you to have a mentor. Someone who has been in your shoes, understands what you are going through. Those who will be selected to join our Incubation will have a mentor to counsel and guide them on how to develop their business concept, bring meaningful solutions to problems, learn from others failure, and capture value for their firms and society in general. Alone you can go far, but with a trusted mentor, you can go even farther and faster.

Makis Levis

Makis has more than ten (10) years of experience in business. He was the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of a $3.2 Billion financial firm with offices in New York, Bermuda, Luxemburg, Geneva, and Athens. He founded a company that was offering state-of-the-art cloud services to financial firms around the globe. In 2013, he sold his business, and he focused on solving problems. He founded three (3) startups, where his latest one, myTrustQuotient (myTQ), was selected among the 10 finalists for the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award for 2015 among 1.200 participants.

As a mathematician Makis has the ability to break down problems into smaller units, making the process of problem-solving more comprehensible. He is extremely fair-minded. Makis is an active listener, a good communicator with a strong opinion. Makis works only with the best and brightest.

If you work together you will benefit from his ability to pinpoint flaws on business plans and ideas.